Plumbing and Heating Peterborough

Job summary

Various plumbing and heating jobs for both myself, my sister and my in-laws who all live adjacent to each other.


For the past few years, James has dealt with all my plumbing requirements and I am so grateful that I found him as I wouldn’t now use anyone else. He is extremely reliable and trustworthy.

He has installed a new boiler for me, serviced the boiler, replaced a sink and other plumbing jobs. He is coming back soon to fit a new bathroom shower, taps and new radiator.

He has also carried out work for my sister (new radiators, replacement shower room) and he installed a new bathroom radiator for my inlaws.

James is very friendly and is a great problem solver. For example, my boiler needed to be replaced and it was a small size that fitted into a cupboard in my hand-made kitchen (i.e., the kitchen was designed around it). The new boiler would not fit in this space so he opted for the cupboard that held the boiler magna-clean unit and associated pipes and although this made things very complicated and more time consuming, he was determined to ensure that I was happy with the boiler still being housed and hidden in the kitchen. It all worked out perfectly and I now have extra space in my kitchen with the use of the old boiler cupboard. All of this came at no additional cost as he did not increase his original quote.

James will always go the extra mile, over and above the call of duty. An example of this is that when I was away on holiday, my inlaws were checking in on my property regularly. When they realised that the heating wasn’t working, as the property was freezing, we contacted James and he immediately came round with an electric heater so that the house was warm on my return.

I must also mention that he did some work for my father who has dementia and he treated him with care and dignity.

I cannot fault James and cannot recommend him highly enough.