Kimbolton electric boiler installation (1)

Being recommended installers by a heating company our name was passed to our client in Kimbolton who is looking for his existing electric boiler to be removed to free up space within the kitchen for a future kitchen replacement project. Having examined the existing installation, looking through all the possibilities we came up with the solution of hanging the boiler in the airing cupboard above the cylinder and replacing the existing cylinder with a larger cylinder with better insulation.

Having put together our proposal the customer examined it and decided to move forward with it. We then attended the property and removed the existing boiler, modified all the pipework within the cupboard where it was originally sited, then installed the new boiler and cylinder in the airing cupboard, including all modification of pipework and new controls. The customer was very satisfied with the install as it reduced his overall running costs for the installation, as in this instance because the house was of a different layout, we could recommend a smaller boiler. We could recommend going from a single Phase to a 3 Phase boiler which he originally had. This reduced his electrical usage and at the same time allowed for a much more economical system within the property.