Electric boiler near Huntingdon (4)

We were invited by the client to change his existing electric boiler which was over 30 years old within his property in Kimbolton. The unit was tired and in need of replacement. It was also uneconomical to run in today’s climate.

We surveyed the property and discussed fully the client’s requirements to come to the conclusion that the best way forward was to fit him a new electric boiler based on what was already installed.

The original installation had a 3 Phase electric boiler and we recommended this to be replaced with another 3 Phase 24kw electric boiler allowing enough capacity to not only heat the house, but the hot water as well. At the same time, we recommended replacement of the cylinder to allow fitment of a modern, unvented cylinder. This allowed the removal of all the stored water within the loft space, and any shower pumps within the property. This reduces your liability under insurance from the storage point of view and reduces noise within the property when showers are in use.

We put our proposal forward to the client along with costings which were accepted and we then moved forward to installation. The first thing to do was to remove the existing boiler and then re-fit the new boiler in the cupboard that the original boiler came out of. This required modification of the pipework to allow fitment and fitment of new controls – that’s the picture of the boiler on the wall. We then removed the existing cylinder, modified the pipework as necessary in the airing cupboard and fitted the unvented cylinder including a discharge pipe to allow the house to be updated to a modern installation which gives plenty of hot water and at the same time allowing for a much more economical installation when it comes to running costs.

The client was over the moon with the results and not only did we reduce his electricity bills, but we gave him a far superior supply of water and the heating was far more effective in its use too.